August 11th, 2004


Exciting Developments

News From The Front:

1. I have enrolled in BEGINNER'S CHINESE at uni! My mother was SO PROUD. She's been trying to get me to learn Chinese for yonks now. It's weird being one of the only pathetic Chinois in class, surrounded by foreign and exchange students. Funny thing is, I have family members and friends who speak Mandarin, so I more or less have a grasp of what good Mandarin sounds like, although I don't really know what they're saying (although I'm a good guesser about 60% of the time). So at the first class, I was really good at reproducing the sounds and the accent (my specialty!) but still don't really know any Chinese.

2. Y'know how I went to watch The Notebook the other day? I forgot to mention: I got carded! Our movie ratings go G, PG, NC16, M18, and R21 over here, and they're pretty strict about them. And The Notebook is NC-16 over here, so when the lady asked us for our IDs, we were like, "Uh... this isn't an R21 movie... is it?" And she replied "No, it's NC-16. Now let me see your IDs!" Nurul & I nearly died laughing. But we were cooperative and showed her our IDs. I think it must've been the Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt I was wearing.

3. I just checked my bank account, and my balance has jumped, no, leapt up! And there is no logical explanation! I suddenly have nearly $800 more than I did three days ago, and I have NO IDEA why!! I checked the transaction history and everything, and it shows absolutely no credit over the past 2 months... and yet suddenly I'm richer. Maybe it's an internet glitch and it'll go down again. But WEIRD, eh? Yay!

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Well, I found out where the money came from.... checked my transaction history again, and it was updated. The money came from...

The Government!!

And apparently I can't count properly, because they gave me $1,023.23, not $800. It just says "deposit by CPF Board". (CPF = "Central Provident Fund" - Sporean social security/pension thingy.)

But why?

How puzzling. Oh well, I'll take it as an early birthday present.

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