July 17th, 2004



Okay, so this is what happened: I went looking for a new pair of casual-going-out-but-nice sandals with Brother, but he already needed to pick up a pair of indoor football (soccer) shoes at this store, so we went there. This happened to be in a shopping mall that basically caters to just jocks and skaters, so all the stores were full of sports stuff or baggy pants. So obviously I wasn't going to have any luck getting what I wanted, but I spied a pair of really pretty Adidas flip-flops (slippers, thongs [the type you wear on your FEET]), and I was like "ooooh!" And then I saw another pair of OP ones which were PINK. So I was torn, and I was like "how much?" (coz these are the kinds of stores where you can bargain) and the thing was, the shopdude only really talked to Brother, and was speaking in this low mumble that I never really caught. So I heard "$25" somewhere in the conversation. Now, 25 bucks is a lot of money for a pair of flip-flops, but they were COOL, so I thought what they hey, I'll just buy them. Brother bought his pair of soccer shoes, so he paid for everything first and we happily went home.

Now, 5 days later, he tells me that the flip-flops cost FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS.



And oh, didn't I know that the $25 was for the pink OP ones, not the Adidas ones?!


I am rather annoyed.

On a happier note, I bought one of those big bags of chips (UK: crisps) with the mixed flavors - six packs to a bag... and when I opened it, there were seven inside!! That was a shiny spot in my day!

It takes small things to make me happy. Big things to annoy me. I mean, it's not that I'm mad over having to pay $20 bucks more than I thought--I won't starve or anything--but it's just that I'm mad that I just let Brother negotiate the price in these whispered tones and then I just said "yay, I'll buy them" without really asking the final price, trusting that he wouldn't let me get ripped off, not realizing that to him, $45 isn't too much for a pair of cool Adidas flip-flops. BUT THEY'RE FREAKING FLIP-FLOPS. Maybe I just don't have the shoe-style that he does, but I really wouldn't have spent that amount of money on what's on my feet. I just DON'T. I don't buy expensive shoes. I think that those flip-flops are the most expensive pieces of footwear that I currently own. I paid $40 for my leather hiking boots, for goodness' sake.

The Adidas slippers are cool, but not THAT cool. I would never have paid $45 for them. I'm so annoyed with myself!

Thinking about it, I have way different spending priorities from Brother's. I just about never buy expensive clothes or shoes, but won't bat an eyelid over blowing $200 on CDs. Brother, on the other hand, has more shoes than I do. And he actually finds the occasion to wear most of them. I have 3 pairs: boots, sandals, heels. (and now: cool flip-flops.)


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