May 25th, 2004


Camera Story

I'd been contemplating buying a digital SLR camera (like this one) for awhile. It would cost a pretty penny, but I figured it would be well worth it and I'd be able to take lots of cool pictures and blah blah blah. So I started doing a search online for prices, and it just depressed me that SLRs cost so much and it being digital and all, all those other digital point-and-shoots plus a little Photoshop have the potential to make some pretty cool pictures too... so my doubt grew. How worth it would it be anyway? They were amazing things with the potential to create some really awesome art, but Photoshop was too.

And now, there's no point in buying a digital non-SLR point-and-shoot cam, since my brother already has one, so that's easily borrowable. And there's no point in buying a film-SLR since I already have one. And most regular non-SLR digital cams annoy me to death anyway coz most take ridiculous amounts of time to actually take a picture (the lag between pressing the button and actually capturing the image) unless it's a really high-end one, then you might as well spend more money and get a digi-SLR, and God help you if you're using a flash. Argh!

But I was determined to get a new camera of some sort. I love pictures! I'd been a hopeful photographer as a kid - my middle school reports on trips and camps had always been full of photos from this plastic no-battery thing that I'd bought, and looking through some of them recently as I moved house, some of my photos were really pretty darn good for an eleven-year old. I'd been dreaming about taking nice pictures again on my own camera for a long time, but just somehow everything else got higher priority - first my guitar, then my piano, then university tuition, etc.. But now, with a couple months of "summer" vacation to go, I was determined to get that camera and seriously start on that hobby that had been festering in my head for years. I was tired of always borrowing cameras from other people. And my new place could do with some art on the walls anyway.

So, I still had that stupid digital SLR vs digital point-and-shoot vs non-digital cameras etc. conundrum. So I decided to not get any of them. After all, if I wanted any of those "regular" cameras, I could always borrow them, as I had been doing for so long.

Conclusion: I bought a brand new LOMO ActionSampler on eBay.


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