April 22nd, 2004



Finished my last exam this morning. I'm free for the next three months!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYY.

Will be frantically packing house tomorrow - moving on Tuesday! Oooooh.

Life is moving fast!

In other news, I received my first piece of reader hate mail today! Someone had read my article in the University magazine about smut in uni advertising (wherein I made plenty of ridiculous parallels and connections to other issues... basically it was a piece of satirical commentary) and wrote me a scathing email (emaul) about how disgusted she was that I was perpetuating sexual stereotypes, being offensive to females, using pseudo-feminist contradtictions, etc etc... not realizing at all that I hadn't actually been serious when I called for naked men in advertising in order to correct the imbalance... Anyway, I replied very politely, even though it took all my willpower to not write back something sarcastic about her sense of humor. I just told her it was satire, meant to provoke discussion, and that I was delighted that she had responded as she did. And I suppose I was delighted--I was so giggly happy when I read her email.

I also refrained from responding to her hope that the editorial team would exercise better judgment in the future and not let such disgusting filth get published in the future. The poor woman would be horrified to learn that I'm the new Deputy Chief Editor for the next year. Bwaha!!

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