March 24th, 2004



I'm in the 60th hour of my 120-hour fast. No food, just liquid when I need it (juice and stuff included... don't think I'd be able to go water-only, since I still need to keep my energy at a reasonable level for school). It's going surprisingly well... I feel fine! Don't know why I started, but I just decided to do it two and a half days ago. Needed some way to focus my energy and get serious thinking and praying and Bible reading and work done. I'm not sure why I thought this was the way to go, but here I am. And it really does make one more contemplative and focused. Time moves more... clearly. You should try it. I've got good mind to make this a regular thing.

I have TONS of work still undone. Gotta write a paper on American foreign policy and Imperialism. But it can wait till tomorrow.

Good night!

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