March 21st, 2004


Why why whyyyyy?

I'm a light sleeper. No, I'm a programmed sleeper. Before I close my eyes to sleep, I look at the clock and tell myself what time I need to be up by, and usually I'll wake up 2 minutes before that time. If there's no reason to wake up, I can easily sleep 12 hours straight. Everyone knows I like sleep. So why do Grandmother and Brother think that I'm perpetually awake?! They'll open my bedroom door in the morning and say stuff to me, without so much as a "good morning" or even "wake up!", giving me unimportant phone messages and stuff like that, and then waiting for a response... and then I'll have to go "Mmmm" so that they'll go away. Maybe it's the feeling of being taken for granted that bugs me. I'm not awake, and I'm not always listening to you! Stop waking me up for no reason! I used to wear earplugs to bed and actually that provided me with very peaceful sleep (although the intense silence can be unnerving) but then I got too afraid that the house would burn down around me or that we'd get burgled while I was sleeping, so I've stopped wearing them. Maybe I'll post a note on my door next time I want to sleep in. "If It Can Wait, Leave Me A Note."

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