March 6th, 2004


Am I Weird?

Is it strange that I can't bring myself to wear one of my favorite sleeping t-shirts, that says "Daddy's Little Girl" on it? I see it there in the drawer every time I reach for a t-shirt, but I can't bear to pick it up. I've poked it, but haven't picked it up since last December. Will I ever wear it again? Or am I obliged to throw it out now that I no longer have a daddy? Am I crazy? Can I still be a Daddy's Little Girl? I'm scared that something weird will happen if I wear it, even though I know nothing will. Maybe I'll cry or something. Or can I wear it, just not in front of Mother? What is your opinion on this? I want to know.

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    Josh Dodes - Parker Street

Annoyances and songs

So, we were out having dinner. GuitaristB, SingerL, and I waited ONE HOUR for a single plate of noodles that never came. It wouldn't have been as bad if nobody had gotten their food, but Brother and Drummer got their noodles after 20 mins, and they ordered after we did. It was rather annoying. So SingerL canceled our order, and then we went and ordered other food (fish and chips... ugh). And when we got back to our table, NOODLES! And they looked so good... but they were canceled and we had ordered new food, and we had to be serious about pooey service, so we sent the noodles back. *SIGH* Oh well. At least we got to sit around for two hours and drink tea and talk about nothing in particular. Oh, we talked about music (duh)... and gory Formula 1 deaths.

Oh, I wrote a song about my Daddy's Little Girl shirt. It made me cry last night (the song, not the shirt). But it made me feel much better (crying) and I felt fabulous by the time I went to bed. Maybe I'll record it or psot the lyrics some time. Maybe.

Led worship in church today. It rocked, even though our practise was nothing short of chaos. (God is nice to me.) Taught a new song, I'm Not Ashamed, from Tommy Walker's new album. Superfun! Tripleplusgood!!

Good night!

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    Strangely, P.O.D.'s Waiting On Today again...