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Exciting Developments
News From The Front:

1. I have enrolled in BEGINNER'S CHINESE at uni! My mother was SO PROUD. She's been trying to get me to learn Chinese for yonks now. It's weird being one of the only pathetic Chinois in class, surrounded by foreign and exchange students. Funny thing is, I have family members and friends who speak Mandarin, so I more or less have a grasp of what good Mandarin sounds like, although I don't really know what they're saying (although I'm a good guesser about 60% of the time). So at the first class, I was really good at reproducing the sounds and the accent (my specialty!) but still don't really know any Chinese.

2. Y'know how I went to watch The Notebook the other day? I forgot to mention: I got carded! Our movie ratings go G, PG, NC16, M18, and R21 over here, and they're pretty strict about them. And The Notebook is NC-16 over here, so when the lady asked us for our IDs, we were like, "Uh... this isn't an R21 movie... is it?" And she replied "No, it's NC-16. Now let me see your IDs!" Nurul & I nearly died laughing. But we were cooperative and showed her our IDs. I think it must've been the Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt I was wearing.

3. I just checked my bank account, and my balance has jumped, no, leapt up! And there is no logical explanation! I suddenly have nearly $800 more than I did three days ago, and I have NO IDEA why!! I checked the transaction history and everything, and it shows absolutely no credit over the past 2 months... and yet suddenly I'm richer. Maybe it's an internet glitch and it'll go down again. But WEIRD, eh? Yay!

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My father once had £70,000 credited to his account by mistake. He spent nine months convincing the bank to take it back. I spent most of the time convincing him to withdraw it and disappear, but alas, he's too moral for that.


withdraw that $800 before they realise the mistake! QUICK! hahaha. - van

Well, thank you all for your encouragement to commit a felony.

Actually, I suppose it isn't stealing if it's in my own account. It could be really my money I suppose.

Anyway, I've gone back to the bank website and guess what? No, the money isn't gone.... The Internet Banking System is DOWN. OooooOOOoooOOooooooooh...


aHA! So their system is so trasked up that they'll never realize what happened?

"What $800?"

1. I have enrolled in BEGINNER'S CHINESE at uni!

actually, if you've been surrounded by it, you'll likely pick the language up quickly. And understand more easily.

As for the $800...I'll put in my vote for "take the money and run". ;)

actually, if you've been surrounded by it, you'll likely pick the language up quickly. And understand more easily.

well, this is true to a point. I think there's also gotta be a sense of necessity... I mean, I live in a country where 70% of the country speaks Mandarin, but they also speak English, so there's never been a serious problem communicating. When people watch Chinese movies, I simply read the subtitles. I really only "understand" about 40% of what's being said, if that much - all the rest is guessing. Kinda like how when we were little and reading books, we'd simply skip right over the words we didn't really understand, not even realizing that we simply ignored what we didn't understand. (Same applies to TV shows and movies... I re-watched Disney's Robin Hood cartoon, and was surprised at the amount of dialog that I had never processed as a child.)

It's different when there's a necessity - I learned to speak Thai out of necessity, because the Thai population in general doesn't speak English at all, so I made an effort. Here in Singapore there's an active multi-lingual atmosphere, where everyone *should* speak English in addition to their other languages, so I've never felt the need, and there isn't a true Chinese-speaking environment to immerse myself in. Even Chinese talk-radio hosts blend English words into their conversations!!

"[chinese blah blah blah...] because, y'know [chinese....] although [chinese...]!! And then [chinese....] brain hemmorhage [chinese...] tragic!"



Even so, I think you'll pick it up quickly. Especially if your family agrees to only speak Mandarin to you. ::eg::

hahahhaaaaa!!!!! my parents tried that when i was little. and my brother and i started ignoring them...

but right now my household is me, my brother, and my godsister. My brother couldn't speak chinese to save his life. godsister can but doesn't often... I watch chinese soap operas with her though! :)


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