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Happy National Day!

Today is Sporea's National Day. I'm not quite sure what it celebrates, but I think it's the separation from Malaysia and its independence. So there's always this big parade and a big party and show in the stadium and hordes of dancers doing really corny things and people singing and then pretty fireworks. Singapore is 39 years old today.

Anyway, usually I can't bear to watch the parade. I don't know why - I think on a certain level I feel insulted, and on another I feel sad that people never celebrate our country's indepence independently, but have to get the government to throw them a party, otherwise they never would. People just aren't interested or patriotic enough to want to throw their own party. Most people only hang the flag outside their homes because a residential commitee tells them to. But the government is partly to blame, since displaying the national flag (outside residences) outside a certain period around National Day is ILLEGAL. And wearing the flag (say, on a t-shirt) is also a punishable offence. And yet they compose cheesy patriotic songs every year and get hundreds of children dancing with ribbons and parade their guns and tanks and troops... but they won't let people be patriotic on regular days. I don't get it. It's SO WEIRD.

Anyway, since it's a public holiday and my last day of vacation (SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!!!) I made a big cream-mushroom-chicken-curry casserole and it was very yummy. I've put all the leftovers in small boxes in the fridge so I can feed myself for the next week. Yay!

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