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So I'm the editor of a monthly youth newsletter for church. We have a regular column on foreign missions, and it's usually either contributed by foreign missionaries or kids who have gone on short mission trips abroad... and they write about their experiences, etc. This month's was written by one of the boys who went to Bangkok last December. He was a member of the youth team that was there when my Dad died, and they hung out with us before he died, and ended up helping out with the funeral a couple nights later. Reading about another person's perspective on witnessing the passing of a missionary in the field was... weird. And I have the unenviable job of plowing through more than 200 photographs of that week, looking for ones to go with the article.

My Dad's been gone for 8 months now. It's okay most days, but not today.

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<gives yoj a warm fuzzy teddy>


hi girl,
maybe i will not be able to comprehend what you are going through, or envisage how you are feeling. but i will be around to lend a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on. yeah. will be upholding you and your family in prayer. take care. see you tmrw.

Just give your Dad a hug too, while he's there in your memories. :-)

thank you lal for the teddies and huggles. :)
now off to malaysia for a funeral...! aaugh.


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