yodge (yodge) wrote,

Official Christmas Dinner Menu

We had our family's "official" Christmas dinner last night - dinner, music, presents, etc..

P and I made dinner, and it was DELICIOUS. The menu:

Cheeses (Jarlsberg, Gouda, Red Leicester) and crackers and a red pepper & cashew dip

Pork Loin Roast WITH CRACKLING (mmmmm... that's the best part) stuffed with thyme, rosemary, and a LOT of butter. Served with white gravy made from whatever's left in the pan (the meat drippings, the butter, herbs, roasted garlic) + stock & white wine.
plus creamy mashed potatoes (secret: use cream)
plus steamed vegetables (just to keep it healthy)

Bread & Butter Pudding... made with chocolate panettone instead of bread. This was SO easy to make and absolutely heavenly. Served with a dollop of....yes, cream.

Ginger Beer (the boozy type)
Peach Iced Tea

Lots of presents were opened. The Niece pooped and then went around telling everyone about her sore bum. She's 2 years old and very talkative.

I am still recovering from the food.

Now we are fattened, P and I are planning a total makeover of our back yard. Paving, digging, the works!

We will be little brown raisins by the end of the holidays, hopefully.

With puddles of butter around our ankles.

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