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I used to love watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. I thought it was the cutest show in the world, and those sextuplets were sooooo adorable, and watching those parents handle 8 little kids and have so much fun.... it was just delightful. I would watch it on TV. I would search for clips on YouTube.

But then, gradually, I found myself starting to dislike the show a little. Not the kids, who were still has cute as ever, but watching those "parent interviews", with Jon & Kate narrating and babbling on... it just started to irritate me. I just couldn't understand their relationship. Over the past year, Kate became increasingly mean, cynical, self-righteous and critical -- especially toward her husband -- and Jon simply... shrank. I would cringe at how she corrected his every move, yelled at him, scolded him like a child... and how he would simply roll his eyes and shrug and "surrender" to her simply to avoid the confrontation.

It made me sad when they showed a rerun of an episode that showed footage of them as a dating couple, then an engaged couple, and then at their wedding and the first couple years of their marriage. They were like different people. They joked around and laughed with each other. They were happy.

And now they've announced that they're splitting up, after 10 years and 8 kids, but continuing the reality TV show circus. One wonders why they didn't announce that they were quitting the show to work on their relationship and marriage instead... but oh well. After watching their relationship and communication disintegrate in front of the camera for a year, one wonders why there wasn't an earlier outcry from the public to get them into counseling. But nobody bothered. We just kept watching, and they fell apart.

And it makes me sad.

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