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Live Long and Prosper!!!

Went to watch the new Star Trek movie.

My inner trekkie (trekker) rejoiced.

I hope they make sequels!! I am such a nerd.

Church on Saturday was good. I led worship. All good, considering that we've had some problems with rehearsal times recently, after we implemented the new in-ear system for the musicians. So much tweaking. So much time wasted. Gah.

Tonight P and I made dinner for the in-law family (his parents + his sister + bro-in-law). A really rich creamy vegetable soup (onions, garlic, celery, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, random herbs, s&p, butter, CREAM... and an immersion blender), and caesar salad with roast chicken and homemade croutons. The homemade croutons were DELICIOUS.


And then I used the in-laws' dryer to de-lint our new towels.

We need to get us a dryer.... if only to de-lint our towels and sheets and to shrink my jeans back down to their original size.

It's getting cold in Sydney now. It's about 10 degrees (Celsius) right now, as I sit at my desk with a blanket around me. Darn these Australian houses with their cardboard walls and non-existent insulation!!

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