yodge (yodge) wrote,

Wolverine and Shopping!!

We went to watch Wolverine tonight!! It was fun. Much better than I expected, actually. Yay for the X-Men... It's still my fave comic book franchise.

Took the day off tomorrow and going to Sisterhood in the morning with antares84 and then out shopping!!! My GOODNESS I get to go SHOPPING!!! I'm excited! I haven't had a proper shopping session in a while! Creative rehearsals are on Thursday now, so most of the time I can't make it to "late night shopping" on Thursdays - the only day the stores in Australia stay open beyond 5pm. Frustrating.

I'm going to buy a dress. I've bought 2 pairs of boots recently, and have lots of tights... but no nice dresses or long tops to wear on top!! And I can't wear my nice boots with normal jeans coz they're all baggy around the ankle. Gah. OH and I need new jeans - I have the bad habit of finding 1 good pair and wearing it until it falls apart (and rarely washing it, so I smell...)

My current jeans are wearing out in the crotch area and there's a weird worn out part now. Soon it shall become a hole. I need to find a replacement pair ASAP until I become the crotchless chick.

Thank goodness for Australia's economic stimulus money!!! Woohoo - $900 to stimulate the economy with!! (I bought my first pair of real UGG boots yesterday. Real Aussie-made ones - not the silly "Made in China - but Australian, promise!" ones. See, I'm doing my part for the economy!

I might as well enjoy it now, since my children and grandchildren will be paying taxes to fix the deficit for the next few decades. Oh well!!

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