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The Archive of BebeYoj
So I'm STILL sick. So I've taken another day off work. I took 2 days off last week and went back to work on Friday, which made me seriously crash. I got even worse on Friday and over the weekend... thought I could go to work yesterday (Monday) and I did all right, except for the fact that I was wheezing and coughing and sniffling and blowing my nose in the office. That's not just gross, but I just think it's highly inconsiderate to my co-workers, especially when quite a few have been getting sick recently. Not to mention that I felt like crap.

So I've taken today off. Still coughing (little chunks...) (SORRY!) but at least I got to sleep, and I'm not in a stuffy enclosed office...

Anyhow, in my boredom, I've been looking through a whole slew of photos that my mom sent me, and thought I'd share some of my childhood with you...

This is what big brothers are for, really.

Me and my broken arm. I'm about 3 or 4 years old here.

Trying to melt into the curtains

Scheming... The poor kid didn't know what hit him.

Past entries from the Archive of Qyoot:

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I never knew you broke your arm when you were so little! How did that happen?

You didn't? well what happened was Josh and I were in church, and running and holding hands (as you do).... we ran down the middle aisle of the church, I tripped on the carpet, and went crashing down on my right side (since Josh was still holding my left side up by the arm)...

So I kinda swung like a pendulum (Josh dangling me from my left arm) and crunched my right arm under me. Like my butt literally landed on my forearm and pressed it at an angle into the floor.

So it fractured... and it would've been a simple fix if the stupid doctor hadn't misdiagnosed it as a SPRAIN and left it untreated. So being a little kid, my bone healed quickly but crooked... so I had to go back to hospital and have it RE-BROKEN and re-set.

Aaaaah, the drama.

And now you know!

Haha, the first one's adorable. Josh looks like he's watching TV.

Have a speedy recovery!


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