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Halfway there and a lovely weekend

So after the crazy work week where I had the crazy crying fit and then the weekend after that where I found Rach to be my temporary PA, work calmed down a bit. The actual workload was crazier than ever, but at least I had somebody else helping me with the time-consuming blah (sorting out multiple sets of keys for dozens and dozens of houses, labeling them, filling out details on rental contracts) while I handled the high-priority stuff and fielded the bombardment of people and phone calls and endless 'emergencies'.

And we actually got through like 25 people in 1 day (a record) before 5 o'clock without any dramas. Wahey! I was feeling optimistic. Jovial, even.

Of course I was still staying in the office til 8.30, or even 9 (on Friday) finishing up all the admin and paperwork... but at least I didn't feel like the sky was falling.

So the peak week is over... and only 1 week left! YAY!

And the weekend was lovely. In brief:

- Slept in.
- Church was fantastic. Led worship and rocked the house. The sermon was fantastic. High fives all around.
- Dinner at a new Thai restaurant. Not too bad. Fried fish = yummy.
- Slept in.
- Had dinner with P & the in-laws at the new-ish Ribs & Rumps at North Ryde. Lots of meat & fries. Mmmm. Chocolate cake for dessert at Towers.
- Bought garden tools. P spent the afternoon ripping out the huge bush and creeper on our back fence, while I whipper-snippered our overgrown... well, everything. Still one more section of fence to clear, but good golly our backyard looks a LOT bigger now.
- Having fruit for dinner because of our ridiculously calorific lunch.
- P's blending watermelon for juice.
- Tuna-mushroom-bacon pasta bake in the oven for the week's lunches.

Maybe I'll go to bed early.

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