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Work work work....
So work on Thursday wasn't better-er as I hoped.

In fact I got so frustrated by the non-stop bombardment and sense of impending doom that I had a tearful breakdown at my desk. However working in a nice Christian environment meant people gave me hugs and told me to take a break.

Anyhoo... after the severe gulping weeping episode, I got back to work and was generally dreary for the rest of the day.

Friday was much better, and I was just as stressed but more like a cheerful I'm-so-stressed-I-don't-care-anymore stressed. Worked for 12 hours straight, without a lunch break. And considering I didn't eat breakfast to begin with, I think I deserved my very late and calorie-enriched dinner of fried KFC goodness. So all I ate that day was 1 mug of tea (2 sugars), a mini Milky Way bar, and then 3 pieces of fried chicken. Mmmmmm, healthy.

Thankfully I wasn't rostered on to sing or lead anything at church today, so I spent some time out under a tree, in the sun, reading Njal's Saga, which antares84 sent to me from Iceland for Christmas (along with Daim... mmm.)

And after church I was chatting with a friend and discovered she needed extra work, and hey, I need extra help AT work, so basically I recruited her to be my PA! I'd been given permission to look for temporary paid help (after my ugly-cry breakdown in the office) but didn't know who needed the work. So YAY - we've killed two proverbial birds with one stone and I am slightly more optimistic about going back to work on Monday.

Then it was to a family reunion dinner at the in-laws, which we were very late for (because of church) but they'd put aside lots of food for us anyway, so we had a good dinner and lay about on the couch watching Iron Chef America.

And now I'm ready for bed.

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HUGS! All the best with work. Hang in there, Cuz! ♥:)))

awww I'm sorry you had a breakdown! It's good that they gave you permission to get some paid help!! Hopefully things will get better from here on out :)

But yay how cool that you're reading the book...how do you like it so far?

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