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Random bits
1. It's P's birthday today!!

2. P has come down with a little bit of a cold... he had a fever and has a runny nose and a very hoarse voice. So not much celebrating. But he's already had about 4 birthday cakes (church, family, work, connect group, etc) so I think we're caked out anyway.

3. We've revamped our photography business' website. I think it's pretty!! Check it out here... http://www.1tree.com.au

4. THIS ad makes me laugh every time.

5. We had a Sisterhood united night tonight at church... around 2,500 women, maybe? It was a fun night. A singer called Juliagrace performed. A great voice, with very very funny patter in-between songs. It was nearly like stand-up comedy with songs in between... I especially liked her ode to athlete's foot, and the other ditty dedicated to, um, brassieres. Her voice was very reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan or even Enya (or her sister Maire Brennan) at times. Now that I think about it I would've liked to get her CD. Oh well.

6. Bed time now.

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(Deleted comment)

Maybe I'll write a poem there to accompany the darkness. :)

Paranoia be bad.

(Deleted comment)
I'd agree with Trieste. I (and many other computer savvy) people use NoScript by default. Surely writing "This site needs JavaScript enabled" would be easy enough. No need to make an HTML only site (although that would be nice). Just enough to allow people to go "oh, i need JS" rather than "this site is broken"



I thought I did put something on there to that effect... but maybe i forgot... anyhoo - I've updated it for youse now!

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