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I've had a recent obsession with bruschetta. On days that I don't feel like cooking and we're not eating out (once or twice a week) I've been forsaking the instant noodles and going crazy with the bruschetta.

I now specifically buy tomatoes every week to feed my bruschetta cravings, and have loaves of "Italian bread" in the freezer so I'll never run out. And oh - the goat's cheese.... and I can't believe the amount of raw garlic I can eat now, scraped across crusty toast.

It's such a quick, tasty meal!! And I really know how much my hubby loves me, because he'll still kiss me even though I reek of raw garlic. It's quite amazing how long the taste of raw garlic stays with you....

So I'm quite enjoying my new obsession. Fast + cheap (except the goat's cheese) + healthy + testament to twoo wuv.

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I can't believe the amount of raw garlic I can eat now,

It's true. You get used to it really qwickly. I used to notice if anyone put a quarter of a clove in my meal - now I can't taste whole bunches of it, and we're using more and more. Really good for healthy eople. I'm sure that's why we don't get the colds and bugs as much as 'others'.

Re: garlickyness...

yes!! i've been fairly healthy recently even though everyone else around has been sniffling... if you don't count the crazy food poisoning in the beginning of September. which i suppose doesn't really count as "sickness".

Re: garlickyness...

oops that was me.

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