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Pot roast....?
I put a roast into our new slow cooker last night at around midnight.

It smelled SO GOOD when we woke up this morning, but I didn't have time to do anything with it, so I checked that there was enough liquid in the pot and we went to work.

Now it's around 12.30pm, and I'm at work. That's 12 hours cooking. And by the time we get home, it will have been brewing in its own juices and gravy for EIGHTEEN HOURS.

It better be yummy!!

(Ooh, I need a cooking userpic...)

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I've been wanting a slow cooker for ages........we have nowhere to keep one *here*, although a neighbour-over-the-road says a friend of her's keeps her's outside under the verandah.
Let us know how it went!!
(18 hours is a looooong time for a roast)

Well, in the end... if was tasty, but probably a tad overcooked. Not burnt, since it's probably impossible to burn anything in a slow cooker, but everything was soft and tender, although the actual texture of the meat turned a little bit stringy from overcooking.

Next time I'll only put everything in in the morning, and it'll be perfect when we get home from work after 8 hours. 18 is probably overdoing it!!! haha.

But it was still yummy!

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