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I'm leading another bi-lingual (English-Chinois) praise & worship service tomorrow. AAAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!! (Faking it with phonetics...)

So help me, God!!

In other news: I managed to watch the entire 2nd Season of Due South in... less than a week. It's so good! I am so weak. Anyway, it was SO MUCH FUN. But I'm slightly annoyed coz one of the discs has some sort of flaw that makes it freeze and skip over about 1 and a half minutes of "Body Language". Oh well. No luck with returning goods bought from overseas... I've had vendors ship the wrong items to me (small things like magazines, t-shirts, etc) and they usually just tell me to keep the wrong stuff and send me the correct stuff on top of it for no extra charge (they can't expect me to pay the ridiculous postage to return stuff just because they messed up)... but I doubt Amazon.ca is gonna send me another copy of the DVDs for free and take my word that my current copy is flawed. Oh well. Two minutes isn't a big deal.

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