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Poor liddle hubby....
P is gouty. He's in pain, poor thing. I've been doing my good wifely duties... soup... glasses of water... heat packs... :)

Hopefully he'll be on his feet again soon!

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How did he get gout? I thought that was just an 'old man' thing with lots of Port or wine or something........ I know nothing......

Re: puzzled look...

haha!! i know a few young-ish people who have it... but it's something about the body not being to process purines and having an excess of uric acid, which makes joints swell up. i think it's true that generally older people get it, but there are younger people who get it too, if they're pre-disposed to it or they eat something that triggers it.

i think..

Poor P. I *do* know it's rilly rilly painful....

oh sorry to hear about Paul's condition.. I totally understand.. i supposedly have it too :s PAIN!! :( but believing for full healing in Jesus' name! drink lotsa water & stay off proteins!

take care!

thanks!!! yep he's a lot better now... ooh you have it too?? owwww.... it looks so painful...


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