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dread piwate teddy

*hides under the covers*

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awwww!!! did you at least get msn working on your church computer??

hahahaa no i didn't... didn't have time to even look into it!!! ha!!

well that changed in a hurry...

bwaha!!! well i still really enjoy it and the people are great and it's much more interesting than selling computers... but after the guy i took over from left, each day i discovered more things that had to be done that I had not been informed about... or things left undone that should've been done...... not to mention I'm actually doing the job of 2 people.... bwahahaaa!!!!

oh well. at least my day goes by SUPER fast... coz i don't have enough hours to do all i'm meant to do... :P

I cant believe your working for college! I feel so sorry for you lol Does Laura still work for Lee? I never talk to her..

haha i know it's kinda weird! but fun. but PSY-CHO.

Laura says hi! and "what happened to your blackberry?"

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