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Fun with Filters!
P and I went on a short little photo expedition.... 15 minutes away overlooking a field and into the sunset, where we played with the new filters that we just bought for our cameras. I've always wanted to play with filters so that I could take some nice sunsets without getting horribly overexposed skies or underexposed earth. So here we are! Enjoy!

Evening grass
Who would've thought such crazy images could come without Photoshopping?

Sign at sunset
You can learn to ride a horse in this field too!

Fence from another angle
Neutral density filter, without the mad red tint.

The fence.

Sunset at Dural
Peeking over the fence...

Well, my first attempt at using filters was quite successful, I think. I don't think I anticipated how much impact it would add.

I'm happy.

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not bad joyjoy! they look reallllly good! were the filters expensive?

thanks! nope the filters aren't that expensive - they're only pieces of plastic that you slide over the front of your lens with a plastic holder.... they CAN be expensive if you buy expensive glass ones though! :)

(Deleted comment)
thanks!! hmmmm maybe i will make a calendar out of them one day... :)

oooo, niceeeeeee!
(: makes me wanna just do nothing and soak in the sun!!

hehe thanks!! haha the funny thing is that it was SO COLD when we were taking the pics!!! not very sunny-ish at all!

Ok so first off I miss you and have been thinking of you often!! How have you been? 2nd I seriously cannot believe your photos! You were always a great photographer but wow! Im now gonna have to fly you and paul over to America when i get married to take pictures. No other photog will do :) <3

awww thanks!!! hehe yeah i was thinking about you too!! and of course we will come be your wedding photographers! hehe!! how are things??? still in michigan? P and I are thinking about buying a house.... wish us luck! ooh and i got a job at college... doing accommodation!! hahahaha oh dear... pray for me..... :P

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