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common sense
I got a new job!!

I'll be doing admin for Hillsong College, helping out with the student accommodations. Not very glamorous, but at least I'll be able to sit down... and have proper lunch breaks.... and help out with College, which I love... and go to work with P!! We'll save on petrol! And it's a little bit of a pay rise, which is nice too. And it'll be fun. Not that my current job isn't fun, but I don't think retail is what I really wanted to do for the long term anyhow.... No offense to people who choose to make a career of it, of course.

I'm really glad for my time here though, coz I learnt so much!! All the ins and outs of computers and sales and iPods and software and frontside buses.... But yes, as much as I love talking to people and playing with computers, it was never a long term thing. And who wants to be pregnant and on your feet and lifting iMacs all day? (Note: I am NOT pregnant. I'm just saying.... it's gonna happen sometime... and well, I was making a point.)

So yes. I start in two weeks! Exciting!

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Yay!!! :)

So fun! :) ... This almost makes me want to go back to College and live in College housing just so I can talk to you about housing stuff hahaha!

But since we're already friends I think I'll just skip that whole thing ha!

But you'll be on college staff...that's so cool!!

I like working in colleges, in libraries, of course (I'm considered faculty). The husband works in the library as staff, and we ride to work together, too - it does indeed save on gas! Also, it's nice to start the day together. :)

Working with hubby and saving petrol. What a plus at the moment especially.
And yes, you're lucky to be able to plan ahead. [I thought I'd missed something when I saw *pregnant*]
My elder daughter had to give up her job [temporary though it was] in a hair salon even though she was enjoying it because she was pregnant and all the standing, and chemicals and stuff were threatening her child.
Then she got a job in an office [this was nearly 16 years ago], and everybody smoked, so she went to the supervisor, and suggested the smokers could go out of the office to smoke, and she had to leave. :-/
At least at Hillsong, it'll be a healthy environment, and they'll care when you have to look after yourself.

LURUN whee for YOJ

congrats gal :D
woah. it feels like i've not been on your blog for so so long! will catch up with you soon!
and hehe...you caught me on the 'pregnant' part! :P
hugs dear!

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