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Mother's Day!
common sense
Happy Mother's Day to all ye mothers!!

Yesterday at Extension Service we had our Mother's Day service, which included a pamper lounge for the mothers... and I was a masseuse for what seemed like an hour... And I couldn't sleep last night because my arms and hands were IN SO MUCH PAIN. AaaaaaarrrRGH!!

I'm still achy now. :(

Anyhoo, we went for Mother's Day dinner at this steamboat place in Epping. YUM.

I'm now full of soup.

*slosh slosh*

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i saw you!

Hi Joy! Greetings from Singapore! I was at youth svc last evening and I happened to turn around and catch a glimpse of YOU a few rows behind! But actually, it was yer Mum's face that I saw. Hahahah. (: Just tot I'd let you know! Hope you're doing fine! Hugs (:

- Jun Lynn

hahahahahhaaaa!!!! that's pretty funny... and scary....??! lol


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