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Highlights of the Staff Camp/Retreat in the Blue Mountains...
Because antares84 asked for it, here are the highlights of the staff camp in the Blue Mountains. I'm not on church staff, but P is, so I got to tag along for free! Yay! So here we go:

- Nice hotel. Fairmont Resort in Leura, the Blue Mountains. Although because we had booked out most of the resort, we were put in a very bizarre room.... It was one of those with disabled access... with railings in the shower and no shower screen, so the bathroom floor got all wet every time we took a shower.... It was weird. But we're not fussy and P liked the fact that the shower stall was absolutely humungous. Haha!

- The Blue Mountains are COLD.

- We did the little walk to the lookout over Wentworth Falls. Very nice. Will post some of the photos we took soon.

- Speakers who spoke at the meetings: BCH, Ian Woods, Gary Clark from London and Andreas Nilsen (sp?) from Sweden.

- "Fun Night", Wednesday night, was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Activities included: Heel-Toe Polka, Ring-a-ring o' Roses, Dodgeball, Sock Wrestling (highlights: Puddles v. Tickles, and JTH v. Bonnett. The aim of the game was to wrestle the socks off your opponent... literally...), and Man/Woman/Beast (a souped up version of scissors-paper-rock). It was manic. And absolutely hilarious, especially since everything was accompanied by a running commentary from Chrishan, Sanga, and Kane K, who are just about the most ridiculous commentators around.

- ate a "Ploughman's Lunch"....although I'm not sure if it was authentic. A loaf of crusty bread, random bits of roast beef, cheese, salami, and pickled onions and a pickled egg. It was bizarre, but this silly cafe in Katoomba took SO LONG to serve us that I was hungry enough to eat most of it when it came, except the pickled egg.

- played poker with the boys. I came third!! Amongst all the poker-crazy boys! Yay!

That's about it.

Ok good night!

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Ohh ohhh!! You actually did what I asked... yay! :)

Chrishan, Sanga & Kane being commentators... that would be funny. Add Phil Dooley to the mix and people would probably have a hard time breathing ha!

Ohh ... I miss the silliness!

But retreat sounded cool... and just to comment also on the post below...

YES Leona Lewis is frekin amazing!!!!!

And Im sorry... I'm still one of those people that thinks Hanson?? and has a weird look on their face ha!
But I'll admit...musically they were pretty good.

I'm just too busy listening to my other boys...Jason, Gavin... etc :)

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