yodge (yodge) wrote,


Hanson released a new album last year! Why was I not aware of this!? And it's GOOD! It's such a shame they have this weird stigma from their MmmBop days, and how everyone still views them in this bizarre timewarp, as if they are unable of growing up and making good music. And hey - their MmmBop days WERE good musically anyhow... oh admit it!! A Grammy nomination, and they were like... twelve? They were little genius children!

And now they're all grown and have their own traveling gypsy families of musical babies... Ok, they ARE a bit weird.

But the MUSIC!

And how cute are they?! And they do funky things with South African children's choirs!

Other musical observation: Leona Lewis is like Mariah Carey before she forgot where her clothes were. I like!!
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