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Autumn leaves at Mt Wilson
We went picture taking up on Mt Wilson last Sunday. It was cold and drizzly. The cold sure is coming on fast in Sydney this year!!

Here's a few...

This couple stayed ahead of me the whole time, so I figured I'd work them into the picture. Glad I did, actually.

It had been raining when the leaves turned, so we kinda missed the leaves in the trees.... They all got squished underfoot. Oh well.

Scary dark lane...

Leaves along a Wall
On the side of the road.

Red & Beaten
Poor li'l thing.

I would edit out the power lines if I could be bothered to, but oh well.

Autumn Street
Another street.

The rainbow looked a lot brighter in real life.

Naked tree.

Red Leaves
And yet more leaves.

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We don't get a real autumn up here. I used to surround the classroom with pretty autumn leaf activities in NZ.
They're lovely.
...and I've only ever seen one real red mushroom with white spots in my life!

haha! yes we went on a mushroom hunt! they're quite common in shaded areas after rain, up in the colder areas... not in the city, of course! although i'm not sure if it's because we don't have the conditions for it, or if they just get trampled so we never see them... :P

your scary dark lane pic looks to me like a nice lil road littered with confetti!! preettyy!! doesnt look too scary to me ahahaa..

nice pics again

charm :)

Thanks!! yeah i suppose it's not TOO scary... but it was scary in person... there was a big scary dog tied to a chain on the other side of the fence barking like crazy. i had to snap the picture and run! :)

Nice photos!!

Now where's the blog on staff retreat? There's gotta be stories you can share! :)

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