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Fun stuff!
1. Got a new car. The old one was giving us far too much trouble than it was worth (spent an extra 50% of what we paid for it on repairs... oil leaks, breakdowns, power steering fluid leaks, etc.) so we traded it in and got another car. New Civic... white 4 door sedan. It's a lovely car, I have to admit. And now there's enough space in the back for a baby seat, as my s-i-l likes to say.

2. Had a job interview. Will update on the status of that.

3. Went to watch Iron Man. IT WAS VERY VERY COOL. Go watch it! Pure entertainment.... and Robert Downey Jr is wonderful.... and I love playing Spot Stan Lee when I watch Marvel movies.

4. Going to the Blue Mountains next week with P on Hillsong staff retreat!! Yay!!

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Mountains. Cold. Snow. Brrrrrrrr!!
...and yayy!! for gnu cars. I hope you have better luck with this one.
Hubby won't contemplate getting anything with an *a* on the end - but eople I know who have Hondas seem pretty happy with them.

P's family are a Honda family.... they love them for some reason. P's dad has driven his about 300,000kms and it's still going strong as anything. He's trying to break some sort of record I think....!

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