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Random photo madness!!

Since P gave me a DSLR for on our honeymoon, I've been pretty much neglecting my trusty Lumix point-and-shoot that has served me so well over the years. So anyway, in a flash of inspiration (and also coz I noticed it lying on the floor) I decided to take the memory card out and see what was on it..

So it turns out I haven't downloaded any pictures from the camera since... well, my honeymoon. It hasn't been used very often since then, but I thought this selection was rather fun. Includes a) bits from our honeymoon, b) Engrish signage spotted on The Spore, c) antares84, and d) food.

My little Lumix is SUCH a good little camera!!!! I'm so proud of him! Such fun pictures with so little hassle!

So... here we go!!

Close to shops and......


P's footprint in the sand on the Brighton beach where we had our honeymoon.

Fergburger.... the best burgers in Queenstown, New Zealand. YUM. I want one NOW.

They're *close*......

Joy & Dagny
Yoj & antares84

Birthday Cupcakes
Pink cupcakes made for my birthday by my awesome sis-in-law... complete with edible pink glittery sprinkles!

Scary thought...
So.... how many women do we have in us anyway??

New Year's 2008
Fireworks over Sydney Harbour to close out 2007.
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