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Photos from Jason Mraz....

There are a few pics that we took at the Jason Mraz gig on my Flickr page... The one here is of Jason pretending to be a strange New Jersey Charlie Chaplin-esque dude with gaff tape stuck on his face, as he sang with the opening act chick... Hah!

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Her name is Hayley Sales I think.... she's a hippie in board shorts... hahaha! She was very cute. :)

Ohh Jason how I love him....
So was this opening act chick better than the one from last time? cause I did NOT like the last one...haha!

There was a guy at sunday school this morning with his kids that looks EXACTLY like Jason...I had such a hard time trying not to stare.

yeah she was pretty good.... after a while her songs started to sound the same, but it was also prolly coz it was just her and her guitar. she was HEAPS better than the chick who opened the last show! This one joked around and Jason sang a song with her, and she came on during Jason's set and sang a duet. It was cute cute cute...

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