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Too much food on my plate...
Quick recap of the Easter weekend away (Fri-Sun)... P & I spent it in the city, exploring the city on foot in the middle of the night, eating at yummy places in Chinatown. We found a great place called Mamak (www.mamak.com.au), which served yummy Roti Canai (pronounced with a soft C) and satay and other yummy treats.

Watched the Billy Elliot musical, which was pretty good by all accounts, although I think I still prefer the movie ending... although I suppose I can see why it wouldn't have worked quite as well on the stage. Meh. The kid actors were great though.

Then Sunday morning we went to church at the City campus, which had moved to the Darling harbour Convention Centre just for Easter. We helped out with the photography, had lunch, and then headed back to the 'burbs for Ben & Kara's engagement party.

Last night we went to the Jason Mraz gig at The Metro. He was great, as usual. His gigs are just FUN. Lots of joking around, random jams, scat, bizarre rap, reggae shout outs and ridiculous crowd participation. Anyhow, it was good fun and I'm excited for his new album!! He played some of the new stuff and it was exactly what we've come to expect from him - unabashedly happy fun music with silly puns and rhymes. Yipeee! I wants it.

Oh - P & I just bought some studio lighting for our photography business.... testing the lights now, so I am bathed in the warm glow of a massive softbox and 2 big reflective umbrellas as I type. I can get a tan indoors now!! Yay!!

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...would have been a bit difficult to freeze mid-air, yes.

care to spoil the ending for me? (since i'm not likely to be seeing the musical anytime soon, nayway)

Re: Billy Elliott...


It just ends with Billy going off to ballet school, and his friend Michael standing on the stage alone as Billy walks off with his suitcase... and Michael says "Goodbye, Billy!"

the end!

There *was* a flash-forward dream sequence earlier on though, where Billy is dancing alone in the community hall after the Christmas party, and in very nice sequence "grown up Billy" dances with him, and they use cables and stuff to make Young Billy fly through the air. And then GrownUpBilly fades out, Dad turns up, yells, and it's back to reality.

It was good, but I would much rather have had some sort of flash-forward at the end... not a forlorn little Michael on his bicycle.

they have mamak in aus?!?!?! woahhhhh.

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