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We're off!!
Off to an undisclosed location for the long Easter weekend with the hubby!! Yay!

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Re: Greetings from an old friend

Haha!!! yes I am, but i don't have a baby. I am married, but the baby in the photos is my niece...

is your msn kevin or kelvin??

Re: Greetings from an old friend

Dear Joy:

My MSN is yangkevin335@hotmail.com

My email is my pseudonym. Ha ha ha, don't worry, it's correct. Just add me.

Good to know you remember a Kelvin under your wings at the Ridge!

BTW do you know where our old friends have ended up? Like Nurul, Faisal or even JX?

Sincerely yours

Re: Greetings from an old friend

Sorry typo. It is yangkevin336@hotmail.com

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