yodge (yodge) wrote,

The Wedding That Would Not End!!

Here are some of the official pictures from our Singapore wedding reception! Finally!

YojBro, leading the "yum seng" toast. This is usually the rowdiest part of a Chinese wedding celebration.

More toasting...!

And one more time!!!

We went round and took pics with every table... I won't post them all here, but here are a couple more...

The Very Important People. The parentals, YojBro + YojSIL, and the Bishop + Mrs Bishop (affectionately known as Uncle Bishop and... Auntie Bishop.) (No, that last bit's a lie.)

And I just have to post this one because little Seth looked SO CUTE it should be shared.

My most fashionable cousin!!

One of my many grand-aunts

Sneaking a kiss...

Hopefully this is the end of The Neverending Wedding Ceremonies... That is, unless other more flattering pictures surface somewhere and my vanity demands their exhibition.
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