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it burrrnssss usssss....
Was thinking about the movie Chocolat for some reason, and decided to eat a piece of dark chocolate and a birds-eye chilli. Together. One nibble of chocolate to a nibble of a chilli (we've got a little basket of our chillies lying out to dry)... Now I've got a burning feeling in my tummy. But boy, was it awesome!

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Eep! Borg Fwemen Pwincess!

How nold were yew in taht pohto?

ChiliCHOKLIT is the shiznit.


Re: Eep! Borg Fwemen Pwincess!

I just took it...

D00d, yew dknot loonk lamost 21 in taht pic.
Yew loonk younger than in yer teddy-huggling pic, acksherly.

Nice piccie, tho.

(Yer hair keeps getting shroter! At this rate yer gonna become G. I. Jane! Or, liek, Seven of Nine afore they rescured her from the Borg.)


...i guess that no-made-up pale-face look simply suits you. };8P

Re: love the pocture

thnaks! although i'm wondering... i don't have a paid account, so i deleted another icon (the dumb computer-drawn-face) to upload that one. So if i psotted nazthing in the past using with that icon, does it appear as a "image not found"? Or wot?

anyone know?


Re: love the pocture

I think it'll just display yer default image. Knot entirely sure though.

(Deleted comment)
yeah, i wanted to be a maia!!!

Acksherly, when I wrote that entry, I thought the brunning was coz of the chilli-choklit... but then I remembered that straight fater I ate it, I drank a vodka ribena. So actually the brunning may have been the result of drinking vodka at 2.30am after eating chilli... but somehow i blanked it oot and noly remembered eating CHOKLIT. i guess choklit has more impact on my bwain. Hrm.


I drank a vodka...
but somehow i blanked it oot

And this surprises you? ;)

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