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hi, holidays, beach
P's parents gave gifted us with a fabulous hotel room for the next 2 nights... so I'm taking advantage of the free broadband.

Not much to report. Had dinner with old church/NUS friends, and it was fabulous. (This is after our "a la carte buffet" dinner the night before... where we, a table of 9, ordered and consumed about 25 courses.)

Wedding dinner tomorrow night. Another 8 or 9 courses, I think. Yikes! Ahhh... being Chinese is fun!

Oh and here's one of the shots from the graveyard photo shoot I had with Banana in Vaucluse a couple of days before we left Sydney:

Graveyard Bride 2

There's a couple more on Flickr, but I haven't had the time to upload most of them.

Ok bye! Going to do my nails...

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You're alive!!!!!
My msn is gettin very lonely...it misses having paul's permanent status there haah! since he's ALWAYS online...

anyway I hope you guys are enjoying singapore and that you're eating tons (which I'm sure of haha) ... enjoy the cheap food!!

love u xoxox

awwww!!! don't worry, we shall be back in Sydney on Saturday and on Monday his permanent MSN online status will be back!!

but mine won't coz I'll be at work!! eeeek! work!!! :)


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