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My love-hate relationship with Technology
1. I got a new phone. A rather sleek and sophisticated Nokia E65....

It's pretty and surfs the web and checks my email and has Office on it and whatnot.

2. Vodafone switched me from pre-pay to a plan (so I got the phone for free!)

3. Vodafone canceled my pre-pay plan and never activated my plan = No connection = GRRRRR!!

4. Having bought it on a weekend, nobody useful is working at Customer Service.

5. Monday morning: Vodafone keeps me on hold and bounces me around from department to department to get my phone connected.... for an HOUR.

6. Now the phone is working, I can't transfer my contacts over because the software that comes with the phone is only for PC (argh!) and my old phone is so old that it can't support the direct contact transfers.

7. I spend hours transferring contacts manually.

8. *SIGH*

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Jenn, Kenny and Lynn have that same phone over here. Haha..

How's the phone so far? Been wanting to get one of the higher-end Nokia phones among others, and having a hard time choosing. Any issues with the phone's functionality so far?

well now that all the contacts are in and everything's set up, it's pretty darn good. i'm not crazy about the actual construction of the slide-thing, but I've never liked that on any phone. But as for the actual functionality, it's great. email and Office and the screen res is good... plus the web browser is a full web browser with a little arrow cursor, so it even beats many Blackberries. i likes it! :)

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