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Grrr! I sprained my ankle on my front steps... I was trying to avoid the dead body of a rather large blue tongued lizard (that had decided to expire in the middle of the path) and it was getting dark and I wasn't paying attention to exact placement of steps, and twisted my ankle on a little ledge bit that sticks out from our front steps. At least I didn't fall off in the other direction and fall off the front part of our steps... a nice 4 foot drop. Instead, I sprained an ankle and skinned my other knee and strained my back muscles a bit.

But at least I didn't break my head!! Or squish on top of the dead lizard!

As they say in Enid Blighton novels, Hurrah!

And now for the Dream Home Meme... hehe... (since I'm now stuck at home for the next couple days.)

Your home is a

Magnate's Villa

Your kitchen is someplace you never go, because you "have people for that." There's a Chocolatessin, a word you made up yourself, but that is beginning to catch on among your wealthy neighbors. Your master bedroom is the size of a small barn, with carpet thick enough to reach your ankles. Your study has hardback editions of every classic ever written, plus a special edition of Rich Dad, Poor Dad with the parts you ghost-authored highlighted. One of your garages holds your collection of ferraris, and is measured in acreage.

Your home also includes a guest wing and private quarters for your servants. Your guests enjoy your home theater with 37 different sports channels. Outside is your hedge maze and gardens, meticulously tended by a team of world-class botanists.

Below is a snippet of the blueprints:

Find YOUR Dream Home!
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