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Baby's Day Out

On Sunday, P & I went to the City to test out our new babies... (Yes, after getting me my lovely camera, P decided to get a matching one for himself so that we could enjoy a new hobby together without fighting over a camera! Ha!)

We didn't do much really, just wandered around The Rocks area of Sydney taking pictures of the buildings and water and people. We had lunch in the quaint little courtyard of an adorable cafe, and wandered through the weekend market. It was a lovely, leisurely afternoon.

Breaking free....... I spotted this and just had to capture it, although the man who actually lived behind the fence happened to stroll by and look at me strangely as he said a curious hello. Heh.

The alley behind the restaurants on the waterfront. Harbour Bridge in the background.

The alley where the above twig was captured. Beautiful crumbly bricks on one side, and this rather sterile new white thing on the other.

Looking up...

Still looking up...

Lying on the grass in the park area under the Harbour Bridge.

Flowering grass... spring is here!!

The compulsory Opera House shot. One day I'll get sick of it, maybe.

Another Opera House shot, sorta.

Corrugated iron fence in another alley in The Rocks area.

Still getting the hang of using the camera... I think I prefer to shoot in manual mode. It just makes more sense to me.
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