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Wedding Pictures!!!!
YAY! They're finally here!! We have a HUGE amount of pictures, so be patient while I upload them... but here's a little taste for now!

All photos by Anders Kjondal. (www.kjondal.no)

The stereotypical Sydney Wedding Shot. YAY!!

Our guestbook!

Our order of service and heart shaped chocolates. (Pre-wedding nibbles, since the bride's always late.)

P, waiting for Yoj to arrive.

The Chapel

The Bridesmaids' bouquets

Us... screaming the moment after we walked out of the Chapel.

Both the families!


Somewhere near Harry's de Wheels by the water at Woolloomooloo, where we had lunch.

At the Royal Botanical Gardens

More to come...... I promise!

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your photographer is very good. I'm impressed. do you have a website for my collection?

oops forgot to add his details!! will add that... his name is Anders Kjondal and his website is http://www.kjondal.no.


(Deleted comment)
gosh the photographer is really good. and the photos are beeyootifull! :D

thanks!! yeah he's really good! I'm so glad we got him. :)

nice shots! you look beautiful!

gee, and also more browned since i last saw you! or is it bronzer...?



actually i think just the white dress makes me look browner. coz i was much browner than i am now during the summer, which was 6 months ago. :D

ok, this is so late, but CONGRATS! (:

yes, you have a great photographer! plus you look amazing!

.....is that a very pregnant sister-in-law?
Aunty yoj?
Gorgeous photos...what a great day!! The sun even shone for you. :-)

LOL!!! no actually my brother's sister is not pregnant... i think it's the angle she's standing at and the cut of the dress. but P's sister *is* pregnant...


but yes it was a lovely day! well, it was still EXTREMELY cold, but sunny, so at least the photos look good! haha...

Absolutely beautiful and breath-taking, the whole lot of them. Looking forward to more! And congrats again! :D

ok, i just realised SHARON is in the family. how are you related to her?
tell her, euphemia her 'old skool' churchmate says HELLO!

haha!!! she is married to my brother... hehe ok will tell her! :)

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