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New Zealand, Pt 2
A few more...

The view of Queenstown from the Skyline complex on Bob's Peak.

Quad biking on a pale winter's day, after going through ice and mud. Freezing cold and lots of fun.

A bend in the Kawarau River. I was just waiting for Legolas to come floating around the corner...

P on the beach at Ocean View. Isn't he adorable?

The problem with big SLR cameras is that you can't really do these sorts of shots, which is really a problem when you're spending most of your holiday alone as a couple.... But here we managed it! I just need to strengthen my arm muscles. This was taken at the Kawarau Bridge, the location of the world's first permanent bungee jump.

Eskimo Yoj!! Hehe this was taken by P as I was walking away to go back up to the top of the bridge.

More to come! (Hopefully the actual wedding pics will come soon... I'm getting impatient....!)

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I know the pains of SLR and egotistical shots. *shakes head* you gain amazing appreiciation for mirrors... which aren't generaly found in the wilderness *cough*

You both are adorable.

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