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New Zealand, Pt 1
So here's the story.

P and I agreed to exchange gifts on the wedding night. The agreement was that the present would be [a] Inexpensive, and [b] More Sentimental Than Practical. So after all the festivities, I gave him a pocket knife with a whole "through it all, no matter what, I'll be there for you" spiel... Cheesy but I honestly couldn't actually think of anything better. (And true, I broke Rule B since a pocket knife is actually very practical.)

P whips out a photo album, with a picture that we'd taken together on the cover, and our favorite engagement picture on the inside cover, along with a beautiful note written inside about how we would fill the album with memories, etc. etc... All beautiful and romantic, and I absolutely loved it...

And then he jumps up and says "But to make the most of this, you'll probably like this too..." reaches into another bag and hands me a brand new Canon 30D, digital SLR camera, at which point I start blubbering...

So yes. We are now the proud owners of a great new D-SLR, even though P broke the rule and made my present look hideously inadequate!! *sigh*

Anyway... here are a few snapshots from New Zealand, taken on our lovely new baby.

Black swans in a marshy area on the coast on the way to Dunedin

A little pier on the way to Portobello on the Otago Peninsula.

On the road to Queenstown from Dunedin.

Our little Toyota Yaris, parked where I was taking the following picture...

The view of the coast in the Brighton/Ocean View area. Our little beach house is somewhere down................ there!

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(Deleted comment)
it is!! i had to restrain myself from stopping the car every 5 minutes to take pictures.

What a beautiful place for a honeymoon! And congrats again! :D

it really was lovely. nice and desolate! hehe thanks! :)

ah, well, rules are made for braking.

and i think you deserved it. *goggle-eyed looks at photes*

Re: ah, well, rules are made for braking.

yes well that was one rule I am very glad he broke.... ;)

I love how you gave us *knot* the usual touristy photos. What a fantastic place for a honeymoon!
We lived up in the mountains in Otago when I was pregnant with Debbie. The doctor said it would be a helicopter job as it gets snowed in.
I went home to my Mum in Christchurch.

it wasn't all that snowy this year... very odd indeed. apparently there was a cold snap in Queenstown of about -20, but nothing in the Otago region. just rain. Hmmph!!

oh my joy, your photos are !!!!! (in a goooodddd way). teehee :D

i wanna go there someday!

yes! you must go! it's soooo pretty...

Beauty in many forms

Breathtakingly beautiful vistas! Glad yew had a gret honeymoon. Kudos to the pohtographers, welcomb bax, and grats again!


Re: Beauty in many forms

thank yew, thank yew, and thnak yew! :D

I can't imagine anybody more worthy than you to close the shutter of such a lens. I'm so excited to see the rewards of this disobedient gift.

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