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Hen's Night....
So I'm home from my hen's night. Rather tame, as to be expected, being nice church-going girls that we are... I did get hassled by the overenthusiastic teppan-yaki chef, who threw an egg at my head (which I caught with a bowl balanced on my head) and poured white wine at my face (which I caught with my mouth) and then showered with omelette confetti... (which I caught with my hair.)

Then on to Max Brenner's, the chocolate bar, where we overindulged in chocolatey goodness and I was made to get the numbers of random men (who were very happy to give them away, poor boys) and then sing "I'm a little teapot" to a poor man at the bus stop.

Anyway, all in all it was a fine end to my life of singlehood. Ended kinda early, but then again, it's a weeknight.

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Good luck!! I hope the weather is a bit kinder than it's been the last couple of days.

Happy happy Yoj Yoj! Here, have my favorite Sam and Rose icon.

Did yew have an impwessive minister? :-D

*shower of rice*


thnaks muchly!!! :)

we had a woman pastor! how very progressive of us, eh? just got back from NZ. more reopts and peekshures to come!


sounds like a lovely hen's night gal :D whee! can't wait to see ya again in this Lion City! meow! hee! miss ya

nuruL a.k.a. Lurun

miss you too!! just got back from NZ honeymoon! twas fun, twas cold... lots of sheep and frost, but no snow!! :( Hmmm anyway, will post photos and stuff when we get ourselves sorted out! :) love lots!

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