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It's a-rainin'!
It is rainy and wet and rainy rainy rainy. It's been raining for about 2 days straight now. Maybe three..? But it's great for the country, since we're in drought and we need it. And there's no such thing as bad weather, only wrong clothes.

Anyhoo, the house is COLD. So I'm having sausages and oven-baked fries for lunch, because Fat = Yummy + Warm.

Any maybe I'll add a cup of hot tea to that. Or chocolate.

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We had our heater on for most of the day yesterday.....and I wore my thermal underwear, winter clothes and a beanie when we went to the markets for fresh veggies.

Arthritis is a bugger too. :-(
Oscar agrees.

strangely enough, i think i'm getting used to the cold, because i'm not wearing my thermal underthings anymore, and i feel fine! i even walked out today without a jacket on and i wasn't freezing to death.... hmm!

miss you babe!

when you coming home?!?!?!

miss u tooo!!

no idea when i'm getting back.... hopefully sept or oct????

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