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Yay new music!
I've ordered Brooke Fraser's new album Albertine, downloaded Joss Stone's new album Introducing Joss Stone from AllOfMP3.com (which is kindasorta legal... in Russia... *blinkblink*) and bought Anberlin's new album Cities!!!

First new music in months! YAY!!! I'm gonna be happy for a while. :)

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Anberlin's album is spectacular. I am totally addicted to it.

(I found you from equustel's f-list btw. I just had to comment since you said Anberlin.)

oh hi!! yeah I just started listening to it and i'm reeeeally impressed. it's fantastic.


Anyway, Anberlin just came to singapore and performed at Far East Square of all places.

The Awakening guys were the ones that brought them in. So Marcus and them got to hang out.

oops, that was josh btw

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