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3 months to go!!!
On Friday, P and I had a good old 'date'. Dinner and a movie and then a drive around. Actually we drove all the way to the Central Coast... to look at the ocean and freeze in the icy wind. Fun! But it was pretty. And I love road trips!

But the loveliest thing was when he picked me up from my house earlier that day and gave me a present at the door (y'know, the way boys are supposed to! Haha...) and he gave me this, inside a pretty box and everything:

And said "Happy three months 'til we get married!"


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Oooh and I got your email! LOVE THE PICTURES! So sweet, and so natural and so lovely :) You two look great together. :))))))

Can't wait to go see you in Sydney!

YAYYYY i can't wait for you guys to get here too!!!!


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