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mesa bax!!!!

I'm back from Bangkok. It was fun and weird. We stayed in a hotel, coz Brother misunderstood Mother when she said "the apartment isn't ready yet". She meant right then, four weeks ago. He somehow took it to mean that we should go stay in a hotel. Oh well. It was a nice hotel. Even though the TV didn't work on the last day and so we called the technical people and we had TV repairguys walking in and out of the hotel room at like 1am.

Bought lots of stuff, ate lots of food. Brother and Godsis took a bloodtest (coz Mother was feeling particularly health-nutty) and both found out that they had high cholesterol and were mildly overweight. I could've told them that. Then they said I needed to take a test too, but I made the mistake of drinking a glass of water that morning and so the nurse said no no no and we basically drove 2 hours to the hospital for nothing. (Granted, the hospital actually wasn't very far away, but there was awful slower-than-deceased-livestock traffic that day.) So we went back to Mother's place and ate barbecued chicken and coconut curry, while she made her most glorious chocolate water-sponge cake. Because that is what you do on holidays.

Mother's water-sponge chocolate cake is legendary. She used to make it for income when Dad was studying and the recipe was actually given to her by some person at the Hyatt, but it was such a secret recipe that all the amounts of the ingredients were just that little bit off and she was told to go figure it out herself. So she did. It's a glorious fluffy sponge cake, the only fat being from 6oz of olive oil. It's yummy delicious. But she hadn't made it in 10 years and after some serious begging and emotional blackmail from me, Brother, and Godsis, (involving "all I want for my 21st birthday is a cake made by you, Mommy." *blinkblink*) we got her to make us some. Of course, this meant that I had to import half the ingredients (including the flour) in my luggage, but hey, it was worth it.

So now I'm back. Both Brother & Godsis have high cholesterol, and I probably do too, since I live with them and eat much of the same food, so we're going on some sort of diet for a spell. I think. We haven't planned it yet. Although I'm quite keen on borgseawolf's "don't eat anything that walks" plan. I don't think I'd have a problem with it.

Bought my first pair of Levi's in Thailand, since it turns out that they are about half the price over there. After being a Lee & Wrangler girl all my life, I just bought the Levi's and thought that was that, until I realized that LEVI'S PRINT YOUR SIZE ON THE OUTSIDE. What kind of moron started THAT?!?!! Sheeeze!!!!!

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