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How greatly annoying...
I bought a beautiful brand new belt. I wore it once. Then I put it in my bag the next day because I thought I'd need to change in school. I didn't wear it in the end, but when I got home, the belt was gone.

I wore it ONCE, and then I lost it!!! I'm soooo bummed! I wonder if it just fell out of my bag (which was rather full) or if somebody stole it... which would be really annoying... or if it really is just lost under the clothes in my room. I honestly hope it's the last option, although I find it highly unlikely since I've turned the room upside-down looking for it. Will give the room one more look-over tomorrow.

Funny thing is, I'm actually feeling a little sad about the whole thing. I know it's just a belt and I can easily buy another one, but you know that feeling of disappointment you get when you actually got something you liked and then lost it? I dunno, I think I have that. And it wasn't all that cheap either!


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Argh! That totally sucks! *HUGS*

I hope it does turn up, somehow!

yeah me too! :(

oh well i used this opportunity to bid on a cheap belt on eBay that has a sparkly butterfly buckle. haha. :)

(Deleted comment)
highly likely. you didn't happen to keep it, did you?

Ohh!! The belt you bought in Parra??

That really sucks if you lost it..........I hope it turns up!

ohh booooo I forgot to sign in....that last comment was mine!


i know how that feels like. it sucks!

can get the same one again?

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