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Yay I sold my keyboard! More money for me, and one less thing to worry about selling when I leave.

Called the bridal shop about my veil, and they have very cleverly lost the order. Well I have the receipt, so they said they'll look into it... although the name on the top of the receipt is some random woman's, so that's probably why they've misplaced the order. Oh well. 131 days to find a veil... that's plenty of time. :)

We've ordered the cake, and it's amaaaaazing. I'm excited about the cake, and I'm not even a cake-ish person.

Went with the boys yesterday to look at suits... They all looked so cute! Like little penguins. Anyway, all men look good in suits. Yes indeedy.

So just about everything's done now, except flowers, but the florist I got is a friend and says there's no hurry.

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